Engineering 100-950


A collection of useful cheat-sheets and diagrams you may find yourself referring back to over the course of the semester.


Arduino Debugging Checklist

If your Arduino is still not functioning after trying all of these steps, call an instructor over for help!

Arduino Nano Pinout

Arduino Nano pinout

Arduino Nano Tech-Specs

For more detailed specs, see the Arduino Nano website

Voltage Divider

Voltage divider schematic

LED Anode vs Cathode

LED pinout diagram

Basic Circuitry Formulas

Voltage (V in Volts) = Current (I in Amps) * Resistance (R in Ohms)

Power (Watts) = Voltage (Volts) * Current (Amps)

Similarly, Watt-hours = Volts * Amp-hours

Resistor Color Codes

Resistor color code chart

TMP36 Wiring

TMP36 Pinout